Family, Individual and Couples Counseling

Pre Marital Counseling

As couples move towards their wedding day, it’s important they consider the kind of life they envision to live as a married couple. Statistically, couples who have had pre-marital counseling weather the storms of the first year of marriage better than couples who do not have.  Pre-marital counseling will acquaint the couple with primarily six areas of conflict that most couples face which include money/finance, in-laws, child rearing, sex, roles and religion/spirituality.

As a trained therapist, Asma likes to work with newly committed couples on gaining clarity on important topics in a safe and facilitated environment. She also encourages couples to develop a healthy communication and conflict resolution style, which are key to a successful and healthy marriage. For most of her couple clients, pre-marital counseling is a positive, affirming and bonding experience that enhances their commitment to marriage.