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Pre-Marital Counseling

As you move towards your wedding day, consider the kind of life you and your future spouse want to live.  Statistically, couples who have had pre-marital counseling weather the storms of the first year of marriage better than couples who do not. 

Pre-marital counseling will acquaint the couple with the six areas of conflict that most couples face.  These areas are: 

  • Money/Finances
  • In-laws
  • Child rearing
  • Sex
  • Roles (delegation of responsibilities and jobs in managing home)
  • Religion/Spirituality

As a trained therapist, Asma believes that pre-marital counseling should be started as soon as a couple is sure of their standing in a relationship.  She likes to work with newly committed couples and married couples on developing their own communication and conflict-resolution styles, which are key to a successful and healthy marriage.  Communication techniques promote understanding, empathy, bring about insight, and how to facilitate forgiveness.

Pre-marital counseling should be a place where each person acknowledges what they anticipate will be their relationship’s greatest strengths and challenges.  For many of Asma’s couples, pre-marital counseling is a positive, affirming and bonding experience that enhances their commitment to marriage.

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