Family, Individual and Couples Counseling

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Family Counseling

Family counseling or therapy is a form of treatment that is designed to address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of a family.  It can be used to help a family through a difficult period of time, a major transition, or mental/behavioral health problems in family members. 

Though most family therapy sessions include two or more members of a family present, what distinguishes family counseling from individual counseling is its perspective or framework and not how many people are present in a therapy session. 

Trained therapists view problems as patterns or systems that need adjusting, as opposed to viewing problems as residing in a person.  This why family therapy is often referred to as a “strengths based treatment”.

In order to help a family work together towards a healthy family life, Asma aims to aid family members in improving their communication process, solving family problems, understanding and handling special family situations, as well as creating a better functioning home environment.

Family therapy has many positive outcomes and can be helpful on many levels.  It develops and maintains healthy boundaries, fosters cohesion and communication among family members, promotes problem solving through understanding of family patterns and dynamics, builds empathy and understanding, and can help reduce family conflict.