Coaching helps people achieve their personal goals by bringing balance to their lives.  

Through a process of self assessments guided by a trained professional, clients will focus on taking action towards realizing their vision of a centered, fulfilled life.  Working collaboratively with Asma, clients will assess their individual strengths in many areas, including career, health, physical environment and self image.  

Through life coaching, they will evaluate their needs and set attainable goals.  Each person will learn what they need to do to reach their full potential and make their dreams a reality.

As a former school counselor, Asma has extensive knowledge on academic and college planning, and has been coaching teenagers and young adults on matters like these and other issues.  
Adults often seek coaching when they:

  • Try to find balance in work, family, and/or spiritual life.  
  • Want to learn new parenting skills and techniques.
  • Feel stuck, bored, or unfulfilled and find themselves wanting to live life with more passion
  • Are in the middle of a major life transition (career change, divorce etc.).

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