Family, Individual and Couples Counseling

Having worked in a school setting as a high school counselor and having extensive experience working with adolescents in a private clinical setting, Asma finds the adolescent years to be the most exciting stage of development. Having said that, she also knows that it is an overwhelming time for both the teenagers and their parents. As a therapist, it is one of Asma’s passions to help her young clients as they go through the process of discovery of the self and the world around them.


During the adolescent years (13 - 19 years), young people experience rapid physical, mental, and emotional changes. Teenagers, just like adults, experience their own set of stressors during this period related to school, family, and social issues. Though most teenagers will make it through adolescent years just fine, others need a little extra support to navigate their lives. Adolescent therapy helps them by offering emotional support, opportunity to learn new skills related to coping with stressors, understanding feelings and problems and creating goals related to change in behavior. The length of psychotherapy depends on the complexity and severity of the issues.